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An innovative solution to reduce energy consumption


Airco Saver installed only on One Lac split type A/C ranging from
capacity 1 Ton (12,000 BTU) to 5 Ton of refrigeration

Principal Load:
1TR(1.8 KW)X 20,000 = 36MW
2 TR(3KW)X25,000 = 75MW
4TR(5KW)X30,000 = 150MW
5TR(6KW)X25,000 = 150MW
Total = 411 Mega Watt
Airco Saver can save on an average  25% =102.75 MW


If Airco Saver installed combination of residential, commercial & light industrial on one lac ton Air Conditioner running on an average 10 hrs/ day than total energy consumption would be 411X 5(compressor run-time)=2055MW/day

Airco Saver can potentially attain approximately 102.75X5=513.75 MW/day savings in total power consumption